Stroud Compounding and Wellness Pharmacy is dedicated to the art and science of compounding. From discontinued or unavailable meds to cutting edge dosing options...

We work with the practitioner to solve medication problems and meet specific patient needs. 

 Doctors...we can create most custom preparations to meet the special needs of your patient. Helping your patients is important to us. Our experienced pharmacists are available to consult with physicians about how we can help you meet those needs.

Compounding Medications Solutions

Topical Pain Management 
Specially developed compounds for Psoriasis
Natural (Bioidentical) Hormone Replacement
Sustained-Release Thyroid preparations
Ear gels for pets to avoid unpleasantness of oral medications.
Specially designed formula dosage forms for hemorrhoids and fissures.
Working successfully with fibromyalgia, CFS, and other auto-immune diseased patients.
Dental Compounding
Veterinary Compounding & Nutritional Products
Wound Care 
 Pallitive Care/Hospice
Sports Medicine
Physical Therapy Treatments
Autism medications

What is prescription compounding?

Compounding is the preparation of a customized medication to solve a problem or meet a specific patient need. Compounding pharmacists work together with prescriber's and their patients to develop the most appropriate therapy for each individual.

For example, if a person is unable to take medication orally, we may be able to place the needed medication into a transdermal gel that will allow the drug to be absorbed through the skin. This may even prevent the need to be hospitalized to receive a medication that is only manufactured in oral and injectable forms.

Some individuals are unable to take a commercial product because it contains a dye, sugar, alcohol or lactose. We can solve the problem by compounding a customized dosage form which contains the needed medication but not the problem-causing additive. If a patient needs a reduced strength of medication or is unable to swallow a tablet, we can compound a pleasantly flavored liquid that can be easily administered. Sometimes we can prepare dosage forms containing more than one medication to simplify a confusing schedule and reduce the potential for medication errors.  These medications are compounded based upon a physician's prescription.

Stroud Compounding & Wellness Pharmacy is a licensed professional compounding pharmacy located in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania


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